Just the Facts: Food Safety DVD

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ISBN: 1-57175-456-3

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Run time: 16 minutes
Audience: Grades 10 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Clean, separate, cook, chill — the key processes to keep food safe! With more than 20 years of kitchen experience, Chef Jon, shares his extensive knowledge of safe food preparation, food-borne illness, clean-up and storage.

This comprehensive video is an essential component of any food-teaching program.


Food Safety Video Worksheet

“Students and homebodies alike will appreciate this fast-paced, informative, and highly practical video. Recommended.”
--Video Librarian, January/February 2008

“Enthusiastically recommended for high school classrooms or as a training experience for novice cooks, whether on the job or at home.”
--The Midwest Book Review, September 2007