Spoiled Rotten Food Safety DVD

Item #: 3376-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-076-2

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Run time: 16 minutes
Audience: Grades 5 - 9

The Food Safety Investigation (FSI) Team checks for clues of food poisoning at a food safety crime scene. In this film, viewers will learn the basic rules to prevent food-borne illnesses:

• Clean hands, food, utensils and surfaces
• Separate foods while shopping, storing and preparing to prevent cross-contamination
• Cook foods to recommended temperatures to kill bacteria
• Chill and store foods promptly and at proper temperatures


Spoiled Rotten Food Safety Video Worksheet

"I showed the video to my students as we have been learning about food safety and it is wonderful. I also loved the worksheets and information papers it came along with. I appreciate how easy you are to work with. I look forward to working more with you in the future."
--Heather Black, Timberline Middle School, Alpine, UT