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Family & Consumer Sciences

Learning ZoneXpress recognizes the value of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education and the impact it can have upon future generations. We understand that tomorrow's adults need skills and knowledge of nutrition, parenting education, consumer education, decision making, and interpersonal relationships that’s why we have been the leader in creating FACS educational resources for over 18 years. Popular FACS topics include: Culinary, Child Development, Food Safety, Fashion and Design and Life Skills. Created by teachers for teachers, our educational tools help students gain a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for successfully living and working in the 21st century.

Adult CPR Poster
Item #410233
Adventures in the Grocery Store DVD
Item #3164-DVD
Advertising in the Digital Age DVD
Item #300036
Amazing Eggs Activities and Video
Item #812010
Amazing Eggs Activity Lessons
Item #628001
Amazing Eggs DVD
Item #300024
Are You Being Stalked? Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210222
Are You Ready to Live on Your Own? DVD
Item #3387-DVD
Around the World Poster Set
Item #416800
Baking Basics DVD Set
Item #3381-DVD
Baking Basics: Yeast Breads DVD
Item #3103-DVD
Baking Fundamentals DVD: Muffins, Biscuits, Pancakes & Quick Breads
Item #300029
Baking Fundamentals: Cookies, Bars, and Cakes
Item #300041
Baking Fundamentals: Success in the Kitchen DVD
Item #300053
Baking Math DVD
Item #3319-DVD
Basic Baby Care DVD
Item #3413-DVD
Be Money Wise Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910127
Be Screen Time Smart Handouts
Item #470249
Bloodborne Pathogens Handouts
Item #470258
Brain DVD Series
Item #300022
Building Strong Families DVD
Item #300062
Bullying Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910103
Caffeine Mini-Unit
Item #1124
Career Cluster Posters
Item #4525
Career Cluster: Education & Training Poster
Item #4525-2
Career Cluster: Hospitality & Tourism Poster
Item #4525-1
Career Cluster: Human Services Poster
Item #4525-3
Career Decision Making for Middle Schools Mini-Unit
Item #1109
Career Exploration Kit
Item #8148
Careers Bingo
Item #510200
Careers in Fashion & Talent, Technology & Opportunity DVD
Item #3379-DVD
Careers in Hospitality Service & Adventure DVD
Item #3479-DVD
Careers in Interior Design: The Business of Structure & Style DVD
Item #3378-DVD
Case Studies for Middle School
Item #1158
Cash, Credit, and Your Future DVD
Item #3483-DVD
Cell Phone Manners Poster
Item #4414
Character Video Series on DVD
Item #3496-DVD
Character: Communication Basics DVD
Item #3485-DVD
Character: Friendship Basics DVD
Item #3484-DVD
Character: Self-Esteem Basics DVD
Item #3486-DVD
Child Development Activities: Prenatal through the Early Years
Item #100016
Child Development Bingo
Item #501800
Child Development Careers DVD
Item #300042
Child Development Poster Set of 6
Item #4237
Child Development Theorists DVD
Item #300063
Child Development Theorists Posters
Item #410020
Children's Choking Poster
Item #457200
Children's CPR Poster
Item #457100