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School Foodservice

Visualz offers a wide variety of marketing solutions for your breakfast and school lunch nutrition programs. Covering a range of topics from breakfast to fruits and veggies and MyPlate, these marketing and educational tools are perfect for your cafeteria. Take your school nutrition program to the next level with our front of the line signage, colorful posters, bulletin board kit displays and fun prize incentives to reward kids. Take a look at our very popular school nutrition marketing resources below.

Kids Nutrition Prize Box $129.95
1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handouts $12.95
I Heart School Lunch Stickers $8.95
Eat a Rainbow Sign Set $14.95
Wake Up To Breakfast Handouts $12.95
Feed Poster Set $49.95
Hungry Dog Nutrition Poster $7.95
Official Taste Tester Stickers $8.95
Food Playground Poster $14.95
Green Light Foods Poster Set $32.95
Food Safety Spanish Handouts $12.95
Gardening Stickers $8.95
Dairy Food Group Die-Cut Decal $49.95
Breakfast Bookmark Rulers $7.95
I Tried It Stickers $8.95
Handwashing Poster ABC $7.95
Live 54321+8® Poster $14.95
Arrow Directional Floor Decal Set $39.95
Kids MyPlate Poster $14.95
Build Your Tray Poster $14.95
Half Your Grains Whole Poster $14.95
MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Poster $18.95
Active Kids MyPlate Poster $14.95
School Breakfast Benefits Poster $14.95
Active Kids MyPlate Handouts $12.95
Sugar Shockers™ Foods Handouts $12.95
Wanda Watermelon Garden Hero $4.95
Garden Heroes® Set of 35 $143.95
Chair Activity Bingo $39.95
LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers $8.95
MyPlate Static Clings $9.95
Breakfast Bookmarks $7.95
Kids MyPlate Bulletin Board Kit $24.95
Live 54321+8® Bulletin Board Kit $24.95
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