Knife Skills DVD

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Run time: 27 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Join Chef Marshall O’Brien to learn basic knife cuts and essential knife skills to gain confidence in the kitchen. Chef Marshall explains how to stay safe, identifies common types of knives, and demonstrates basic cutting techniques.

Short video segments include:

• Knife safety
• Types of knives
• Using a food processor and blender
• Cutting produce: slice, dice, chop
• Cutting techniques for meat



Knife Skills Video Worksheet

"…educational DVD for grades 6 to adult, about using knives to prepare food safely and effectively. The topics covered are "Knife Safety", "Cutting Methods for Fruits and Vegetables", "Cutting Techniques for Meat", and "Using a Food Processor and Blender". A practical, essential demonstration ideal for young adults who are or soon will be preparing their own food at home....Recommended for public and school library DVD collections."
--The Midwest Book Review, March 2015

"...Minnesota-based Chef Marshall O'Brien offers a succinct primer on using knives for culinary purposes in this program aimed at both service workers and at-home cooks who want to hone their skills. The bulk of knife skills looks at cutting methods, while also detailing the proper ways to carve meat." ★★★
--Video Librarian - 2015