LANA Learning About Nutrition through Activities

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LANA is a research-based curriculum that encourages children to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables. This 24 week program (20 minute daily sessions) integrates well into your current curriculum.

• Increases opportunities for children to taste and eat fruits and vegetables
• Provides hands-on experiences with fruits and vegetables
• Creates a supportive environment to eat fruits and vegetables
• Presents role models who eat fruits and vegetables
• Connects classroom activities with home environments
• Is research-based and proven to increase the number of fruits and vegetables kids eat

The development and evaluation of the research-based LANA Program was funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute (R01 CA59805), to MDH.

This LANA Kit includes enough materials for 5 participants and consists of: 

CURRICULUM (300+ pages)
1 – Complete curriculum in 3-ring binder & carrying case
1 – LANA Training CD

STICKERS (200/roll)
1 roll – I Tried It Stickers #905900
1 roll – LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers #906516  

STORYBOOKS (5 copies of each title)
1 set – LANA Storybooks
• Book 1: Lana and Wille Eat Lunch
• Book 2: Lana Plays a Trick on Tenzin
• Book 3: In and Out with Lana and Carlos
• Book 4: Lana and Alisha Plant a Picnic
HANDOUTS (5 copies of each issue)
1 set – Parent’s Talk About Feeding Kids Handouts
• Parents Talk About Feeding Kids, Issue 1
• Parents Talk About Feeding Kids, Issue 2
• Parents Talk About Feeding Kids, Issue 3
• Parents Talk About Feeding Kids, Issue 4
• Parents Talk About Feeding Kids, Issue 5

5 – Lana’s Favorite Recipes Cookbook #822215

PUPPET (32” x 6” x 12”)
1 – Lana the Iguana plush puppet #822222

The LANA Curriculum is aligned with both NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and Head Start Early Learning Framework.
Accreditation documents: NAEYC Accreditation and Head Start Accreditation

This item is approved by SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention.

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"Children who participated in the LANA Preschool Program ate significantly more vegetables at lunch and more total fruits and vegetables throughout the day, according to the LANA study."
©2005, 2010 Minnesota Department of Health