50 App Activities for Careers

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8 ½” x 11”, 3-ring binder

Appropriate for grades 6+

Utilize the latest technology in the classroom to incorporate the best college and career prep mobile apps into your current lessons in ways that students will love! 50 Apps Activities for Careers features a collection of fifty apps that creatively teach college, military, and career-readiness topics through innovative and fun app-driven lessons, games, and teacher resources that make learning interactive and engaging with the use of iOS and Android devices. Topics include job search, career skills, college, entrepreneurship, character traits, goal setting, interviews, resumes, and more. Sample lessons include:

• An interactive game that tests students’ ability to answer job interview questions while challenging them to make sure their avatars demonstrate good interview etiquette and behavior.
• A fact-finding comparison activity that utilizes apps to research details of a dream job and a career they have a little interest in, to help discover where to find detailed career information.
• A vocabulary lesson that helps students understand career-related terminology through flash cards, definitions quizzes, and learning synonyms.
• An app-based activity that helps students fill in their information to help build a clean, professionally formatted resume.
• A job interview skit activity that utilizes a video-making app to explore the questions often asked at a job interview and the best ways to answer.

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