Character: Self-Esteem Basics DVD

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ISBN: 1-57175-753-8

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Run time: 18 minutes
Audience: Grades 4 - 10

Closed Captioned

How you see and value yourself is an important part of who you are - your character. Host and student, McKenna, guides viewers through important questions like: "Why is good self-esteem so important?" and "What can I do to improve mine?" to discover that how we see ourselves influences who we are. Through interviews with a developmental psychology expert and a high school basketball starter, discover why good self-esteem is so important to have.

Teaching Materials Included


Self-Esteem Video Worksheet

"Has a creative way of explaining why you are who you are and understanding that about yourself. Puts it in words that are easy to understand about self-esteem."
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009

"The importance of good self-esteem and ways you can improve your confidence are presented in this brief character education program......An excellent resource for intermediate and middle grade students.
--A STARRED selection from School Library Journal, February 2010