Child Development Theorists DVD

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Run time: 21 minutes
Audience: Grade 9 - Adult

Closed Captioned

Beginning with Sigmund Freud, modern child development theories have changed the way that parents raise their children and the way that teachers teach those children. This video is an entertaining and enlightening view of the major child development theorists, how the theories differ, and how more than one approach can be beneficial. Historical footage and photos are combined with candid documentary footage from day care centers in this informative video.

Theorists presented include:

• Sigmund Freud
• Maria Montessori
• Arnold Gesell
• Lev Vygotsky
• Jean Piaget
• Rudolf Dreikurs
• Erik Erikson
• Abraham Maslow
• John Bowlby
• B. F. Skinner
• Benjamin Spock
• Lawrence Kohlberg
• T. Berry Brazelton
• Diana Baumrind
• Howard Gardner

Teaching Materials Included

2010 Telly Award Winner


Child Development Theorists Worksheet

"well organized… Brief and to the point, this excellent overview introduces students to the giants of the field and their significant findings."
--Booklist, May 2009

"Teaching materials are included in this excellent educational DVD recommended for high school classroom use."
--The Midwest Book Review, April 2009

"Child Development Theorists takes viewers on a whirlwind 100-year-plus overview of men and women behind major theories relating to child psychology and development. A fine introduction to the principal ideas regarding child development, this is recommended." ★★★½
--Video Librarian, September 2009