Fast Food Nutrition DVD

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ISBN: 1-57175-833-X

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Run time: 16 minutes
Audience: Grades 6 - Adult

Closed Captioned

Fast food often gets a bad rap. High amounts of saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, sodium, and calories, and a lack of fruits and vegetables make most fast food choices not the best in terms of nutrition. Join Rickey and Genevieve as they explore the world of fast food with fun and humor as they help viewers learn how to make the healthiest choices when eating on the go at fast food restaurants.

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2010 Telly Award Winner


Fast Food Video Worksheet

"This well-produced and creative program, hosted by two friendly teens explains the six "trouble spots" to watch out for when assembling those potentially not-so-happy meals...provides plenty of practical tips on how to keep your tray from turning into a nutrition disaster - going far beyond the usual "just order a salad" - offering onscreen examples and clever graphics." Highly Recommended, 3½ out of 4 stars!
--Video Librarian, Jan/Feb 2010

“Two smiling, upbeat teens offer facts about good nutrition and tips for eating healthy in our fast food world…the teen presenters may make the information more palatable to viewers. Preteens and teens in health classes may be receptive to the information and think twice before eating fast foods.”
--School Library Journal, January, 2010

"The video was fun and creative and it shows better choices for teens to make when at fast food resaurants; showing the diseases tha tcome with bad eating habits is very important. It was good because you were learning from teens."
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009

"Good video--creative, hip and informative. I don't think kids know the problems of fast food and could really help them choose better food."
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009