Food Science Activities For Middle School

Item #: 6299
ISBN: 1-57175-865-8

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169 pages, 8 ½” x 11”, 3-ring binder

Food Science Activities for Middle School includes 5 units, 17 lessons with simple, step-by-step activities, worksheets with answer keys, etc.

Units include:

• Food Science
• Food Production
• Food Safety
• Nutrition
• Biotechnology

A variety of lesson types keep interest high, with hands-on experiments, recipes to make, research to be conducted online and in books, and a variety of in-class presentations by students as well as the instructor.

Labs include:

• Enzymatic Browning
• Protein Coagulation
• Sugar to Starch
• How Does Bread Rise (Pizza lab)
• Hand washing experiment and more

**Written with a National Science Foundation grant by Minneapolis Public Schools.**