Food Science Experiments DVD

Item #: 3519
ISBN: 1-57175-975-1

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Run time: 50 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult

Closed Captioned

Experience kitchen chemistry and the wonders of food science! Host Susan Turgeson and students demonstrate six fun and easy food science experiments and explain the science behind them. Experiments include:

• Sensory Evaluation
• Biochemistry of milk: mozzarella cheese
• Hand washing and food safety
• Scientific method: what makes popcorn pop?
• Emulsions: mayonnaise
• Fermentation: root beer

Video includes interview with a food science professor and tour of a sensory evaluation lab.

Teaching Materials Included


Food Science Video Worksheet

"Susan Turgeson, AAFCS National Teacher of the Year, and her students demonstrate six intriguing food/chemistry experiments. The various experiments are easy to follow, and it is not necessary to have a science lab to do the experiments." Recommended.
--Library Media Connection, May/June 2011

“2009 Nat’l Teacher of the Year from the American Association of FACS leads high school students in her classroom lab through six fairly simple food-based chemistry experiments. Also includes an interview with a food science professor who talks about career opportunities in the field.” ★★★ Recommended
--Video Librarian, Jan/Feb, 2011