Foodservice Cafeteria Starter Kit

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+Save when ordering these items together! Elevate and enhance your school's cafeteria with the Foodservice Cafeteria Starter Kit. This complete kit includes a selection of bestselling nutrition education resources for the school cafeteria that help promote good nutrition to students while helping support your local school wellness policy, market your program, and decorate the cafeteria space.

The dry erase menu board and coordinating vinyl banner are helpful tools to improve the flow of students through serving lines by informing students of the menu choices as they stand in line. The posters help promote making healthy food choices and static clings help highlight foods on your menu. Plush Garden Heroes® characters can be used to decorate your serving line or used as a teaching tool to make fruits and vegetables more approachable and fun for students. A selection of giveaway incentives can be used to support taste tests and nutrition education initiatives. A 5 Minute Activities for Foodservice is a helpful resource to use for staff trainings.
The kit includes:  
1Garden Heroes® Lunch Tray Dry Erase Menu Board
1Garden Heroes® Fruit & Veggie Vinyl Banner with Stand
BOOKMARKS (100/pk)
1 Pack – Fruit & Veggie Challenge Bookmarks
         STICKERS (200/roll)
1 Roll – Official Taste Tester Stickers
1Catch a Rainbow Poster
1Active Kids MyPlate Poster
1MyPlate Food Group Poster Set
1Veggie Subgroup Poster Set
15 Minute Foodservice Activities book
1Andi Apple
1Callie Cabbage
1Craven Corn
1Benjamin Green Beans
1Pixie Peach
1Spencer Spinach
1Alonzo Avocado
1CeCe Cantaloupe
1Eddie Eggplant
1Kristi Kale
1Pepe Pineapple
1Sammy Squash
  1Brianna Banana
1Carrie Carrot
1Gracie Grapefruit
1Mo Mushroom
1Pedro Potato
1Wanda Watermelon
1Billy Blueberry
1Cody Cauliflower
1Gordon Grape
1Olivia Orange
1Roja Raspberry
1Zoey Zucchini