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Glo Germ™ Experiment Kit

Item #: 5031

Glo Germ™ Kit contains:
• Battery-operated 6 ½” ultraviolet light (runs on four "AA" batteries)
• 8 oz. bottle of Glo Germ Lotion (85% Water cetearyl alchohol glyceryl stearate glycerin ceteareth-20 mineral oil coco caprylate/caprate propylene glycol isopropylene palmitate triethanolamine crbopol diazolidinyl urea mehtyparaben propylparaben disodium edta); 15% Melamine copolymer resin (plastic)
• 4 oz. bottle of Glo Germ Powder (100% melamine copolymer resin - plastic)
• Teacher's guide

Appropriate for grades 1-12.

Glo Germ™ is an effective way to show proper hand washing and cleaning and helps you teach general infection control. The oil, powder or lotion contains plastic simulated "germs" and armed with an ultraviolet lamp you become the "germ detective".

For hand washing training use the oil or lotion, the powder can be used to show surface contamination and the transfer of "germs" from a variety of surfaces to the hands.

Expose the Truth About Hidden Germs -- and encourage proper hand washing and hygiene!

How Glow Germ™ works:
Step 1: Sprinkle powder on hands or common objects: desks, doorknobs, counter tops, etc. Microscopic fluorescent molecules will hide in crooks and crevices like real germs.
Step 2: Use scientific procedure included in #5031 Glo Germ™ Kit for hand washing.
Step 3: Shine UV light and see "simulated germs" glowing on hands and faces, proving just how thoroughly one must wash to eliminate germs and how mobile pathogens are.