Interior Design Project: Furniture Styles DVD

Item #: 3510-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-844-5

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Run time: 20 minutes
Audience: Grades 9 - Adult
Closed Captioned

What’s your design style? Do you prefer the excessive embellishment of the Victorian era or austere minimalism of contemporary design? Join award-winning principal designer, Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design, on a tour of furniture showrooms to discover the distinguishing characteristics of furniture and decorating styles. Brandi gives viewers insight into the furnishings and finishes of eleven different styles, including:

• Traditional
• Victorian Era
• Mission
• Art Deco/Nouveau
• Retro Style
• African Influence
• Asian Influence
• Southwestern
• Shabby Chic
• Country
• Contemporary



Furniture Styles Video Worksheet