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LANA Story Books - 5 Titles

Item #: 822205

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Choose from 5 different books, sold separately, in sets of 50.

Options are:

• Book 1: Lana and Wille Eat Lunch #822205 (50 copies)
• Book 2: Lana Plays a Trick on Tenzin #822206 (50 copies)
• Book 3: In and Out with Lana and Carlos #822207 (50 copies)
• Book 4: Lana and Alisha Plant a Picnic #822208 (50 copies)
• Book 5: Lana's Learners #822209 (50 copies)

The Lana Story Books are part of the LANA Preschool Program (Learning About Nutrition through Activities), a research-based curriculum, that encourages children to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables. The LANA program is a fun, effective, and hands-on approach to nutrition education. Kids play and learn at the same time, building the critical skills for making healthy eating choices.

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