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Live 54321+10® Countdown to Your Health Activities

Item #: 650207
ISBN: 1-57175-9549

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54 pages, perfect-bound paperback book, 8.5" x 11" x 0.1"
For ages 5-11

Live 54321+10 Countdown to Your Health Activities is an entertaining way for kids to combine learning with fun while exploring the meaning of each of the count down number themes:

• Eat 5 fruits and vegetables
• Drink 4 glasses of water
• Have 3 good laughs with friends
• Get 2 hours or less screen time
• Get at least 1 hour of physical activity
• Get 10 or more hours of sleep

Live 54321+10 is a recommendation for reasonable and achievable lifestyle choices, based on expert advice that kids can make each day to stay healthy. The six themes, represented by the numbers in the title, remind kids of simple habits to guide them to better health. The Live 54321+10 Countdown to Your Health Activities book is filled with word games, puzzles, jokes and riddles, trivia, and more to get children engaged and excited about healthy habits.