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Low-Fat Express Deluxe Kit

Item #: 201100

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A nutrition education curriculum developed for low-literacy populations. Because it is simple, practical and entertaining, it is equally appropriate for clients at any reading level. The program provides a variety of low-fat messages perfect for the public health setting.

Complete kit includes:

• 24 Lessons in two 3-ring binders
• Replicas:
Test Tubes of Fat - Part 1
Test Tubes of Fat - Part 2
Test Tubes of Fat - Part 3
1 Pound Fat Replica
Arteries Model
• Pedometer
• Deck of cards and game die
• Seaweed
2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Handout (50 sheets, 8 ½” x11”, two-sided)
USDA MyPlate Magnets (4 magnets)
1 Great Plate® Magnets (4 magnets)
Portion Size Bingo (30 cards)
Adventures in the Grocery Store DVD
Create a Great Plate MyPlate Dietary Guidelines DVD
Energy In, Energy Out Poster Set (Set of two, 8 ½” x 24” laminated)
Snack Attack Poster Set (Set of two, 8 ½” x 24” laminated)
Dietary Guidelines Poster (1 poster, 11” x 17” laminated)
• Fat Counter book

Part of the Low-Fat Express program was developed at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.