Move Mindfully™ Centering Yoga Sequence Cards

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4” x 18”, set of ten, card stock

Get children ready to learn while helping develop physical, emotional, and mental strength by engaging in yoga-based movements. The Move Mindfully™ Centering Yoga Sequence Cards feature a short movement sequence to help students transition from one topic to another. This centering sequence helps students become more focused and ready to learn, while reducing off task behaviors and the need for redirection.

The cards are perfect for students to place in front of them to use a visual guide to follow the yoga movements in sequence or use as a mini poster when wall space is limited. Cards are scored to easily fold down into a fold-out bookmark. Also available in a complete set of yoga sequence cards.

Move Mindfully™ was created to empower educators, therapists and parents to integrate yoga-based movement, mindfulness and social/emotional learning into the classroom, home, hospital and therapeutic settings. Simple routines were designed to teach children and teens how to reengage, focus, calm, transition, and release intense emotions.

Benefits of yoga-based movements in the classroom include:

• Engaged learners
• Increased time on task
• Decrease in behavior referrals
• Ability to transition between classes more effectively