Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget DVD

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Total run time: 19 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime and join Chef Marshall O’Brien as he shares nutritious food choices and healthy eating strategies in Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget. Chef Marshall demonstrates and explains how cooking and eating healthy food can be both fun and delicious while saving money.

Short video segments include:

• Simple, Tasty Slow Cooker Meals (10:06)
• Understanding Portion Sizes (3:42)
• Label Reading (2:13)
• Tasty Whole Grains (2:59)



Nutrition Starts Here Video Worksheet

Nutrition Starts Here: Smart Eating on a Budget ★★★
(2015) 19 min. DVD: $79.95 (downloadable teacher’s guide available). Learning ZoneXpress. PPR. Closed captioned.
Hosted by chef Marshall O’Brien, Nutrition Starts Here features bite-sized (sorry) vignettes showcasing nutritious food choices and strategies for taking control of what you eat. In the longest segment, “Simple, Tasty Slow Cooker Meals,” O’Brien shows viewers how to toss in a few simple ingredients and let a crockpot do the heavy lifting, while also offering food safety tips (particularly important if your dish starts with raw ingredients like chicken) and advice on testing appliances for proper temperatures to ensure safe meal preparation. “Tasty Whole Grains” looks at the nutritional differences between whole grains and refined grains, while “Understanding Portion Sizes” and “Label Reading” go together like salt and pepper—helping viewers determine how much food to put on their plates, and demystifying the complexities of product labels. While the program could have delved deeper into the “budget” part of its title, this is a solid introduction, overall, to making healthier eating choices. Recommended. Aud: J, H, P. (C. Block)
-- Video Librarian, Jan/Feb 2016


"...Thoroughly accessible to viewers of all ages and backgrounds, this DVD lives up to its title as an introduction to nutritious food choices and healthy eating strategies. Chef Marshall demonstrates how eating well can be inexpensive, flavorful, and fun! An excellent, educational pick for public and school library shelves, homeroom viewing, or any Basic Food Preparation course!"
--Midwest Book Review, September 2015


"...this short instructional program, hosted by chef Marshall O'Brien, introduces healthy eating habits and provides nutritious recipes utilizing smart food choices that combine convenience, cost savings, and good flavors. This brief program is a suitable introduction for beginning cooks of varying backgrounds and ages."
--Booklist Online Exclusive, November 2015