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Obesity in a Bottle DVD

Item #: 3429-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-324-9

©2006 Learning ZoneXpress

Run time: 20 minutes
Audience: Grade 5 - Adult
Closed Captioned

What type of beverage do you reach for when you're with friends? The choices you make have the potential to greatly affect your health. This educational video uses a fast-paced, teen-friendly format to address the growing national obesity problem and how beverages factor in.

Topics include:
• The effect of beverages on weight gain
• Beverage size
• The dangers of both regular and diet sodas
• A comparison of sports and energy drinks
• A nutritional breakdown of other popular beverages
• The benefits of drinking water


Obesity in a Bottle Video Worksheet

This product has been approved by Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It is included in their Healthy Schools Program Resource Database.

"Highly recommended for viewers from grade 5-adult."
--The Midwest Book Review, April 2007

"Recommended." ★★★
--Video Librarian, March/April 2007