Sew Cool DVD

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Run time: 8 segments, 43 minutes total
Audience: Grade 7 - Adult

Discover how sewing can be SEW cool! Create your own unique look and save some money by learning sewing basics that will give you the skills to make projects all your own. Sewing instructor Kimberly Oedekoven encourages viewers to “See it, like it, make it” while presenting sewing basics and two easy sewing projects in short segments, including:

• Sewing Tools and Essentials
• Hand Sewing
• Fabric Selection
• Sewing Techniques and Rules
• Sewing Machine Parts
• Fabric Selection
• Non-Pattern Project: T-Shirt Tote (Bonus: T-Shirt Bracelet)
• Pattern Project: Pajama Pants (Bonus: Fabric Store Tour)

Subtitled in English


Sew Cool Video Worksheet