Sew Green: Repurpose, Recycle and Restyle DVD

Item #: 3517-D
ISBN: 1-57175-921-2

©2010 Learning ZoneXpress

Run time: 4 segments, 38 minutes
Audience: Grade 7 - Adult

Subtitled in English (but not closed captioned).

One way to go green is to sew green. Using unconventional fabrics like sleeves from wool sweaters and “fabric” made from fused plastic bags, learn the basics of sewing through simple and easy to make projects that incorporate recycling. Four unique sewing project are demonstrated, including:

• A fused plastic messenger-style bag
• A cell phone or mp3 player holder
• A protective sleeve for a laptop
• A water bottle holder


Sew Green Video Worksheet

"Another excellent choice from Learning ZoneXpress is 'Sew Green: Recycle Repurpose Restyle', a wonderful DVD guide to using unconventional (recycled) materials to create practical and delightful handicrafts."
--James A Cox, Midwest Book Review 2010