Successful Food Science Lesson Plans

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8 ½” x 11”, 3-ring binder
Grades 9 - 12

Introduce students to the science behind food and cooking with Successful Food Science Lesson Plans. The lesson plans include 12 units of food science that cover a variety of topics. Activities and labs are designed to illustrate the practical application of food science in the “real” world. Projects and labs can be integrated into most food and nutrition courses.

Units include:

• Careers in Food Science
• Technology in Food Science
• Scientific Method & Measurement
• Sensory Evaluation
• Food Safety
• Compounds, Elements, & Mixtures
• Molecular Activity & Heat Transfer
• Acids & Bases
• Carbohydrates, Fats, & Proteins
• Biochemistry of Milk
• Food Preservation
• Food Processing

Fun food labs and experiments include:

• What Makes Popcorn Pop?
• Mapping Your Taste Buds
• Soda Comparisons
• Odor Identification
• Mouthfeel and Sensory Evaluation
• Candy Making

Food Styling:

• Faux Ice Cream
• Mozzarella Cheese Making
• Homemade Yogurt
• Making Root Beer
• Friendship Bread and Sourdough Starter
• Dehydration

Author Susan Turgeson was the 2008 Wisconsin WAFCS Teacher of the Year and 2009 AAFCS Teacher of the Year.

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