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World Food Markets: Italy DVD

Item #: 3488-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-779-1

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Run time: 18 minutes
Audience: Grades 7 - Adult
Closed Captioned

Experience the sights and sounds of Italian food markets! Join chef and award-winning cookbook author, Paulette Mitchell, on a tour of Italian food markets. Filmed in Italy, viewers will be taken on a culinary journey to discover the fresh produce and ingredients that flavor Italian cuisine.

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Italy Video Worksheet

"Paulette Mitchell, cookbook author and world traveler, hosts this look at two European countries that presents their diverse cuisine and food markets as well as information about their culture. Viewers are introduced to the "Holy Trinity of Spanish cuisine" -oil, bread and wine. In visits to Barcelona, Cartagena, and Cadiz, traditional regional foods are shown at the lively food markets. The tour of Italy features markets in Venice, Rome, Civitivecchia, Messina, the Tuscan countryside, and Florence and offers information about Italian cuisine as well as the country's history. In each locale, people are drawn by the colors, aromas, and experience of the marekts. In both titles, the host chats with local residents about the markets, the cuisine, and their lives. Viewers may choose subtitles for the non-English portion of the audio or have full English subtitles throughout. Technical quality if superb. A colorful look at two countries where food is a way of life."
--School Library Journal