Food Safety Education

Forgetting about food safety is a recipe for disaster.  In fact, food-related diseases affect millions of people each year. Discover need-to-know information about how to keep food safe and prevent foodborne illness with our educational handouts, tri-fold brochures, posters and DVDs. These resources feature the five steps to follow for food safety: Cook, Separate, Store, Clean and Avoid Risky Foods. Play it safe and make food safety a priority!

Food Safety Basics Handouts
Item #470101
Food Safety Handouts
Item #470006
8th Grade Family & Consumer Sciences Lesson Plans
Item #1134
Food Safety Bingo
Item #510910
Kitchen Safety Poster Set
Item #425000
5 Minute Food & Kitchen Safety Activities
Item #1213
Food Safety Spanish Handouts
Item #475006
Food Safety Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910123
Food Safety Posters
Item #410199
Food Safety for Older Adults Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210101
Handwashing Graphics Poster
Item #413602
Food Safety for Expecting Moms Education Cards
Item #202004
Choking Prevention Handouts
Item #470321
Children's Choking Poster
Item #457200
Foodborne Illness Posters
Item #410259
Children's First Aid Poster Set
Item #457300
50 App Activities for Food Safety and Sanitation
Item #100028
Choking Prevention Poster
Item #410321
Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry DVD
Item #360101
Adult Choking Poster
Item #410234
Peanut Allergy Poster
Item #410226
Just the Facts DVD Set
Item #3443-DVD
Myth Busters: Trans Fat Poster
Item #4378