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MyPlate is the USDA food symbol that replaced the food guide pyramid that teachers and nutritionists are using to promote healthy eating.  The simplicity of this nutrition graphic works great for kids and busy adults.  Our bright and colorful USDA MyPlate nutrition posters, handouts, incentives and more are perfect for educating in the classroom, cafeteria, health care office, and more. We are proud to promote the Dietary Guidelines nutrition messages and are a USDA National Strategic Partner.

1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handouts $12.95
Active Kids MyPlate Poster $14.95
Diabetes MyPlate Handouts $12.95
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4 Weeks to a Higher Food IQ DVD $99.95
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USDA MyPlate Poster $14.95
Kids MyPlate Poster $14.95
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Build Your Tray Poster $14.95
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Active MyPlate Poster $14.95
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Protein MyPlate Food Group Poster $14.95
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MyPlate for Older Adults Handouts $12.95
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USDA Kids MyPlate Handouts $12.95