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Boost participation and revenue with a cafeteria makeover!

Looking for a fresh, new look that will push your operation forward and increase participation? A cafeteria makeover, small or large, can have a big impact on your bottom line. Benefits of a makeover not only include boosting participation and revenue, but it can also increase efficiency, improve student flow and enhance your entire cafe experience!

Take a look at a few recent examples and see the difference for yourself.

Pueblo Academy of Arts - Pueblo, COPueblo City Schools Cafeteria Makeover

With a cafeteria stuck in 1965 – including beige walls and a clutter of posters, banners, and signs– Pueblo Academy for the Arts in Pueblo Schools District 60 knew they needed help. They turned to Visualz, part of The Vomela Companies, to bring their vision of a contemporary, engaging environment to life. Read the full case study here.

Mooresville High School - Mooresville, NCMooresville Cafeteria Makeover

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Budget-friendly Cafeteria Branding Kits

Looking for a budget-friendly solution? We have two economical packages to refresh your cafeteria with ease, a DIY makeover if you will. They can be installed in a single day. 

The Garden Heroes Cafeteria Branding Kit is suitable for Elementary Schools with our classic, lovable character illustrations.

The Savor Flavor Cafeteria Branding Kit is great for Middle and High Schools with a trendy, clean design.

Garden Heroes Cafeteria Branding Kit  Savor Flavor Cafeteria Branding Kit

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With over 20 years experience working with Child Nutrition Programs, we understand the unique challenges you face. For work in school cafeterias, we team up with ProTeam Foodservice Advisors to provide a whole new look to your serving and/or dining space. These services can include student focus groups, interviews with Child Nutrition staff, custodial and administration as well as reviewing line flow, serving and cooking equipment and more. Give us a call at 888.455.7003 to get started or email hello@getvisualz.comProTeam Foodservice Advisors