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In 1997, Visualz (Learning ZoneXpress at the time) was founded by a teacher who created teaching tools for her fellow Family and Consumer Science teachers. Recognizing a need for hands-on curricula, colorful posters, and engaging videos, we found great success creating one-of-a kind food, nutrition, and life skills educational resources that teachers knew and loved.

Over the years, Visualz has expanded our reach beyond the classroom to become a recognized leader in nutrition and health educational resources. You may see our work in community health clinics, farmers markets, WIC offices, and food pantries. We take great pride in providing accurate, easy-to-understand content through engaging designs that simplify nutrition and health messaging for all ages.

In 2018, our capabilities expanded further when we became part of the Vomela Companies. Today, in addition to our award-winning nutrition education products, we help customers harness the power of graphics and positive messaging to create environments that encourage positive behavior change.

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