Family & Consumer Sciences

Learning ZoneXpress recognizes the value of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education and the impact it can have upon future generations. We understand that tomorrow's adults need skills and knowledge of nutrition, parenting education, consumer education, decision making, and interpersonal relationships that’s why we have been the leader in creating FACS educational resources for over 18 years. Popular FACS topics include: Culinary, Child Development, Food Safety, Fashion and Design and Life Skills. Created by teachers for teachers, our educational tools help students gain a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for successfully living and working in the 21st century.

Child Development Theorists Posters
Item #410020
Children's Choking Poster
Item #457200
Children's CPR Poster
Item #457100
Children's First Aid Poster Set
Item #457300
China Food Markets Bulletin Board Kit
Item #9120
$12.00 $24.95
Choking Prevention Handouts
Item #470321
Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry DVD
Item #360101
Clothing Construction BINGO
Item #5015
$10.00 $24.95
Clothing from Around the World Cards
Item #911201
Clothing/Fashion Merchandising Lesson Plans
Item #1171
Combating Conflict with Character DVD
Item #360102
Common Childhood Illnesses DVD
Item #360100
Confessions of a Chef DVD
Item #3452-DVD
Confessions of a Food Stylist DVD
Item #3470-D
Confessions of an Event Planner DVD
Item #3471-DVD
Confessions of an In-Home Childcare Provider and Montessori Teacher DVD
Item #3458-DVD
Confessions of an Interior Designer DVD
Item #3454-DVD
Conflicts Without Violence Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210224
Cooking & Baking Tools Poster
Item #410022
Cooking and Children...A Learning Activity DVD
Item #300015
Cooking Fundamentals DVD
Item #300034
Cooking Terms Bingo
Item #510400
Cooking with Class Cookbook
Item #6164
Cracking the Advertising Code DVD
Item #3405-DVD
Creative Cuts Poster
Item #4226
Custom Vinyl Banner: Building Resilience
Item #939009
Custom Vinyl Banner: Recycle
Item #939010
Custom Vinyl Banner: Thank You For Not Littering
Item #939008
Custom Vinyl Banner: Welcome to Our School
Item #939005
Custom Vinyl Banner: Young Minds at Work
Item #939006
Custom Vinyl Banner: Great Character
Item #939004
Custom Vinyl Banner: Our Kids Really Shine
Item #939002
Custom Vinyl Banner: Put Litter in its Place
Item #939007
Custom Vinyl Banner: Wild About Learning
Item #939003
Customer Service Basics: Service with a Smile
Item #300013
Cyber Stalking Poster
Item #410037
Cyberbullying Poster
Item #410035
D is for Decisions DVD
Item #3530
Deadly Driving Distractions DVD
Item #360103
Design 1: The Elements DVD
Item #3223-DVD
Design II: The Principles DVD
Item #3224-DVD
Design: All About Color DVD
Item #3528
Design: All About Textiles DVD
Item #300006
Design: The Elements DVD
Item #3529
Do the Math Poster
Item #4310
Does Your Partner Hurt You? Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210221
Doing the Dishes Posters
Item #4236
Early Childhood Professions DVD
Item #3322-DVD