Educational resources for schools and public health

Parent Education

Visualz offers a wide variety of parent education resources that you can trust to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to care for their young children. These resources address topics on nutrition, child development, parenting and other needs of WIC families. We invite you to take a look at our handouts, tri-fold brochures, posters and DVDs that are uniquely designed with parents in mind. Let us be your number one source for nutrition and health education resources to help your WIC families be healthy!

Vegetables Bulletin Board Kit
Item #9108
Picky Eating Solutions Handouts
Item #470218
MyPlate on a Budget Poster
Item #410280
MyPlate Food Group Poster Set
Item #410127
Handy Portions Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910128
Fill Up with Fiber Spanish Handouts
Item #475243
Adult Healthy Eating from Head to Toe Spanish Handout
Item #475248
How Sugar Affects A Child's Body Handouts
Item #470344
Sugar Shockers™ Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210206
Snack Strategies Spanish Handouts
Item #475242
Portion Distortion® Spanish Handouts
Item #4234-TS
MyPlate Round Magnets
Item #208800
MyPlate on a Budget Spanish Handouts
Item #475200
Kid Approved Healthy Snacks Cookbook
Item #630200
Handy Portions Spanish Handouts
Item #475400
Grains Handouts
Item #470156
Sugar Shockers® Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910151
Nutrition Labels Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910120
Expecting Moms Healthy Eating from Head to Toe Spanish Handouts
Item #475329
Breakfast Basics Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210201
Vinyl Poster Tote Bag
Item #860000
Start Your Day with Breakfast Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910133
Proper Diapering Procedures Poster
Item #428000
MyPlate Portion Size Bookmarks
Item #910090
Kitchen Equivalents Bingo
Item #501300
Garden Heroes® Activities Book
Item #507610
Fruit and Vegetable of the Month Super Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910131
Be Screen Time Smart Handouts
Item #470249
Sugar Shockers® Foods Spanish Handouts
Item #475193
Sugar Shockers® Foods Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910189
Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts
Item #470241
Kitchen Math Measuring Basics Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910134
Healthy Snacking Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210203
Fruits Handouts
Item #470154
Food Safety Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910123
Baby's First Finger Foods Education Cards
Item #204001
USDA MyPlate Spanish Handouts
Item #475106
Sugar Shockers® Card Deck
Item #596100
Junk Food Facts Poster
Item #411240
How I Learn Handouts
Item #475000
Healthy Eating on a Budget Education Cards
Item #206001
Half Your Grains Whole Poster
Item #410191
Green Light Foods Poster Set
Item #410117
Fast Food Reviewed Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910108
Eating Well With MyPlate Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210204
Choose MyPlate Bookmarks
Item #910260
Breakfast Jump Start Bulletin Board Kit
Item #910101
Sugar Shockers® Drinks Kit
Item #822073