Character: Friendship Basics DVD

Item #: 3484-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-751-1

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Run time: 18 minutes
Audience: Grades 4 - 10

Closed Captioned

Navigating your way through changing friendships might seem daunting. Host Wes Halula and a group of students use humor and captivating visuals to talk about friendships. Discover how to make new friends, keep them and end friendships in a positive way.

Teaching Materials Included

Telly Award Winner


Friendship Video Worksheet

"In today's bustling world brimming with technological gadgetry, basic face-to-face interpersonal skills are all too easily lost or forgotten in the shuffle. …an instructional DVD for building basic social skills…an excellent addition to school and public library collections…enthusiastically and highly recommended for showing students during homeroom."
--Midwest Book Review/Children's Bookwatch, June 2009

"Part of the Character series, this Telly Award-winning guidance program offers tips on making friends, keeping friends, and even ending a friendship. Hosted by warm and energetic adult Wes Halula, Friendship Basics features very practical advice illustrated by a couple of teens." ★★★ Recommended
--Video Librarian, September 2009

"The program's positive message and simple delivery make it valuable, particularly for middle schoolers who may need to refine their social skills."
--School Library Journal, September 2009

"Many school-aged kids have problems making friends and dealing with change and this video gives step-by-step instructions on how to deal with these issues."
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009

"This video encourages healthy behaviors and healthy friendships among teens. It is very helpful if you are struggling with making friends, keeping friends, or even breaking friendships."
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009

"This is great. Great tips. Great education! It is fresh, new, original. Yes yes yes!"
--Mid-Hudson Library System, November, 2009