Get to Know Nutrition Facts Labels Handouts

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8 ½” x 11”, 50 sheets, 2-sided

Promote a healthy habit of reading Nutrition Facts labels to make informed food and beverage choices. The Get to Know Nutrition Facts Labels Handout highlights the different sections of the food label to help consumers determine if a food or beverage is a healthy choice, including a review of serving sizes and calories, nutrients to get more and less of, and an explanation of % Daily Value.

The handout backside explains the difference between added and natural sugars, what the ingredient list can tell you, and what the package weight, freshness dates, and product claims mean.

This handout reflect the first major design and content changes to the Nutrition Facts label since it was first introduced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1993. The new Nutrition Facts label features bolder serving size and calorie information, a listing of the amount of added sugars, updated required nutrients, and a shorter and simpler explanation of % Daily Value.

This item is also available in Spanish:  Get to Know Nutrition Facts Labels Spanish Handouts (#475102)

2017 Gold Health Information Award