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Customized Resources

Visualz specializes in customizing everything under the rainbow. We can do it all! From adding your logo and website to existing products to designing custom graphics, consultation and printing to fully branding your space.

We can even do custom vehicle wraps! Check out the video below.

This is a great way to promote programs for School Nutrition, WIC offices, Farm to School initiatives, SNAP-Ed and EFNEP classes, farmers markets, food pantries and more.

It's your chance to sparkle!  Let's get started today.

To learn more, please call Visualz at 888-455-7003 (US only) or 507-455-9076 or email

For more examples and customer testimonials of our customization products take a look below or at our Public Health and Extension Customization Flyerand our School Nutrition Customization Flyer

Level 1:  Brand Our Materials and Signage

Add your logo, website or legal statements to our existing products.

Level 2:  Basic Customization

Make content or image changes to our existing products.

Level 3:  Fully Customized

Let us create a fully custom design with your content.

Level 4:  Brand Your Entire Space

We will provide design, consultation, printing, and installation of graphics for windows, walls, floors, and doors.

For work in school cafeterias, we team up with ProTeam Foodservice Advisors to provide a whole new look to your serving and/or dining space. These services can include student focus groups, interviews with Child Nutrition staff, custodial and administration as well as reviewing line flow, serving and cooking equipment and more. Give us a call to get started and watch your participation grow!