1 Great Plate® Game Card Set

Item #: 595900

©2012, Revised 2018 Visualz

Includes 114 – 4" square laminated food portion cards and instruction sheet.  The 2018 revisions include updated Nutrition Facts label design which includes the amount of added sugars, as well as ten additional cards featuring indigenous and traditional foods of Native American populations including wild rice, fry bread, and ground bison.

Play a variety of fun nutrition games for all ages with the 1 Great Plate® Game Card Set! The 1 Great Plate® Game Card Set features laminated cards featuring common foods and portions with corresponding nutrition information on the backside, similar to the National Dairy Council food models. Use the game cards in conjunction with the 1 Great Plate® Game Board Handouts (sold separately) or play with cards only. The instruction sheet offers many ideas of how to use the cards, including Great Plate Go Fish, Twenty Questions, Nutrient Wars, and more.

Also available as a complete game set: 1 Great Plate® Game.