1 Terrific Tray™ Dry Erase Menu Poster

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UPC: 846742007804

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18" x 24" poster coated with dry erase laminate

For best result, use dry-erase or wet-erase markers only and wipe off with a soft cloth within 24 hours.

Write and erase daily menu choices quickly and easily while promoting healthy eating with the 1 Terrific Tray™ Dry Erase Menu Poster. This economical poster is perfect for display and use as a learning tool in the classroom to connect nutrition lessons to the meals offered in the cafeteria. The dry erase menu poster serves as compliant signage for National School Lunch Program regulations with the reminder to students to choose three menu items, including a 1/2 cup of one fruit or vegetable, and a program benefits non-discrimination EOP statement.

The simple lunch tray visual helps aid students in making good food choices by posting daily menu choices directly on a school lunch tray. Use the poster to post daily menu options or utilize it as a teaching resource for demonstrating how to select healthy school lunch and breakfast food choices following the dietary guidelines.

NOTE: Previous product number was #414210.