1 Terrific Tray™ Easy Mag-Mount Menu Panel

Item #: 208520
UPC: 846742010118

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18” x 24” flexible plastic panel with magnetic-receptive properties and mounting holes

Make displaying your daily menu choices a breeze with the magnetic 1 Terrific Tray™ Easy Mag-Mount Menu Panel. This flexible panel with magnetic-receptive properties makes it simple and easy to promote “1 Terrific Tray” every day for the best school day by displaying your daily lunch and breakfast menus when used with an 18” x 24” Easy Mag-Mount Board (#208500) (sold separately).

The 1 Terrific Tray™ Easy Mag-Mount Menu Panel makes it easy to show daily menu items categorized by food group directly on a school lunch tray.  The panel when used with an Easy Mag-Mount Board serves as compliant signage for National School Lunch Program regulations with the reminder to students to choose three menu items, including a 1/2 cup of one fruit or vegetable, and a program benefits non-discrimination EOP statement.

The flexible menu panel with magnetic-receptive easily peels away from the magnetic board(#208500) and offers you the versatility to switch out the design to other menu panels, such as the Breakfast Mag-Mount Menu Panel (#208510).

+Save and buy the complete kit: 1 Terrific Tray™ Easy Mag-Mount Menu Board with Magnetic Vinyl Pockets (#208625).