54321+8® Count Down to Your Health DVD

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Run time: 24 minutes
Audience: Grades 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned

54321+8® Count Down to Your Health DVD gives an overview of six things teens and adults can do each day to stay healthy. Viewers will discover and learn about the importance of:

• Fruits and vegetables
• Drinking water
• Positive mental health
• Limiting screen time
• Getting physical activity
• Getting enough sleep

The countdown provides an easy way to remember the expert-recommended amounts of each one. In this DVD, medical professionals share the facts behind the numbers and students share some practical advice about how to live the countdown.



54321+8 Count Down to Your Health Video Worksheet

"It's refreshing to include a good dose of laughter for a healthy lifestyle, and that is what distinguishes this program from others on the topic. The title comes from the simplicity of the plan: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 4 glasses of water, 3 good laughs, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and 8 hours or more of sleep. While most people are familiar with these guidelines, the helpful tips provided here will appeal to young teens. The goal is to make the steps as easy as possible so teens will be open to the ideas. For instance, one suggestion is to cut vegetables and place them in a clear container in the refrigerator, making them accessible and perfect for snacking. Teens offer some realistic advice for each step of the plan, and share their own habits with viewers. The guidelines are lenient as far as screen time, which helps when convincing teens to improve their habits. The mental health aspect, highlighted by enjoying three good laughs each day, is a wonderful segment that also stresses the importance of actual face-to-face human contact (as opposed to online contact). The interview portions with a physician are slightly dry and vague, but they are short and don't detract from the program's overall effect. This enjoyable and in-formative production is a fine supplement to the health curriculum, especially for middle school students."
--Pamela Schembri, School Library Journal, February 2013

"A concise primer (or reminder) geared towards grade 6 and up, 54321+8 combines solid tips for maintaining good health with commentary from experts and real teens. Host Jennifer Ceci guides viewers through a regimen of six daily steps: a rainbow of 5 fruits and veggies (described as powerhouses for nutrients that "you can't eat too much of"), 4 glasses of water for cleansing and hydration (frozen fruit ice cubes help liven this up), 3 laughs with friends (a must for mental well-being that can lower anxiety and depression and even improve the immune system), a limit of 2 hours of "screen" time (although some participants admit that it's harder to ration their phone and texting than TV or computer use), at least 1 hour of physical activity, and 8 hours of sleep. Providing excellent pointers to help achieve these daily goals, this is highly recommended." ★★★½
--Video Librarian, Jan 2013

"...Also highly recommended for both school and public library DVD collections is "54321 + 8 Countdown To Your Health" ($79.95, 24 min.) a program designed to teach viewers in grade 6 and up about healthy daily habits: 5 servings of fruits & veggies, 4 glasses of water, 3 good laughs, 2 hours or less screen time, 1 hour physical activity, 8 hours or more sleep."
--The Midwest Book Review, Oct 2012