Baby & Child Nutrition Education Cards Digital Subscription

Item #: 205999

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Answer common questions while offering tips and solutions to feeding babies and children with an electronic set of our popular education cards with a Baby and Child Nutrition Education Cards Digital Subscription.

Annual subscribers receive digital files of six different education cards to be sent out to an unlimited number of clients during the 12-month subscription period. Your clients can view the messages electronically on mobile phones, tablets, or computers. PDF files are emailed to you after purchase and can be viewed digitally (no print). The files are valid for one year.

The digital subscription set includes the following baby and child nutrition education card titles:
Starting Solid Foods Education Card (204002)
Baby’s First Finger Foods Education Card (204001)
Picky Eating Education Card (205001)
Cooking with Kids Education Card (205004)
Healthy Beverages for Kids Education Card (205005)
Healthy Snacks for Kids Education Card (205006)