Breast Milk: Best for Baby Spanish Vinyl Banner with Stand

Item #: 937273

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24" x 63" full color vinyl graphics with corner grommets. Spanish translation

Encourage new mothers to give their babies the best start in life by choosing to breastfeed with the Breast Milk: Best for Baby Spanish Vinyl Banner with Stand. The colorful banner translated into Spanish highlights three benefits breast milk provides including the perfect mix of nutrients and antibodies, easy digestion, germ-fighting properties that pass from mother to baby to give an immunity system boost. The design highlights the emotional bond between mother and baby through photographs of many different mothers breastfeeding their babies.

This banner is perfect for promoting breastfeeding at health fairs or in clinic waiting areas. 

Easy to assemble, the banner stands 24" x 66" when suspended on the stand. Banner stand comes in a sturdy canvas bag for easy transport. The stand allows for vinyl banners to be interchanged simply.