Catch A Rainbow Vinyl Banner and Stand

Item #: 935230

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24” x 63” full color vinyl graphics with corner grommets.  Easy to assemble, the banner stands 24” x 66” when suspended on the stand.

Banner stand comes in a sturdy canvas bag for easy transport.  The stand allows for vinyl banners to be interchanged simply.

Highlight the importance of "eating a rainbow" every day with the Catch a Rainbow Vinyl Banner with Stand. This vibrant banner features photographs of fruits and vegetables arranged in an arc of a rainbow to encourage eating different colors daily. Use this colorful banner as an eye-catching visual for health fairs, cafeterias, clinic waiting areas, and classrooms.

This banner design is available in 3 different formats!  Also available as:

Catch a Rainbow Vinyl Banneror Catch a Rainbow Decal Banner.  These banner options work great for hanging on walls and a perfect solution if floor space is not available.