C.A.T.C.H. onto Good Hygiene DVD

Item #: 3481-DVD
ISBN: 1-57175-710-4

©2009 Learning ZoneXpress

Run time: 15 minutes
Audience: Grades 4 - 8

Closed Captioned

Learn the basics of good hygiene with the C.A.T.C.H. onto Good Hygiene DVD!

In this film, host Rachel and two teens demonstrate and share the fundamentals of hygiene including:

Clean Your Hands
Acne - Clean Your Face
• Clean Your Teeth
Clean Your Body
• Clean Your Hair

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Good Hygiene Video Worksheet

"Intended for young adult viewers in grades 4-8…[this is an] educational DVD ideal for instructing young people about basic cleanliness and good hygiene practices…easy-to-follow demonstrations. An excellent educational resource especially recommended for public school library collections."
--Midwest Book Review/Children's Bookwatch, June 2009

"…Rachel, an engaging and believable host, matter-of-factly takes the embarrassment out of the process. Combining important facts with some humor, this film has high kid appeal and would be appropriate for classroom and library settings."
--School Library Journal, September 2009

"Recommended…this DVD approaches good hygiene in a sensitive and informative manner. The participants broach hygiene issues that are difficult to approach in an adolescent-sensitive environment."
--Library Media Connections, Nov./Dec. 2009