Cooking and Children...A Learning Activity DVD

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UPC: 846742000782

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Run time: 33 minutes
Audience: All ages

Closed Captioned

We want all our kids to eat healthy...but how do you actually accomplish it? How do we get them to want to eat healthy? Studies show that life-long healthy eating habits start by having kids help prepare the food! Follow Nica and preschoolers in the kitchen as they have fun learning about nutrition through making healthy snacks. Features easy recipes, ways you can "be prepared", safety tips, and highlights easy jobs in the kitchen that teach preschoolers coordination, math, and a love of healthy food.

Featuring a bonus track of preschoolers (and their moms) teaching finger plays in English and Spanish! Kids will love to watch it too!

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Cooking and Children Video Worksheet

Young kids in the kitchen don't have to spell disaster, as viewers will discover in this practical and entertaining program featuring four examples of successful cooking with children. Preschoolers who are allowed to help make their own food are not only more likely to eat it but will also gravitate toward developing healthy eating habits. Recommended.
--Video Librarian, July/August 2011

Also highly recommended is the Learning ZoneXpress educational documentary "Cooking and Children: A Learning Activity", a useful guide promoting healthful cooking with young people while remaining mindful of kitchen safety concerns.
--The Midwest Book Review, April 2011