Customer Service Basics: Service with a Smile

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Run time: 22 minutes
Audience: Grade 9 - Adult

Closed Captioned

In this humorous video that is reminiscent of “The Office”, join the employees of the fictitious Lucky Star Coffee Company as they learn about customer service. Mark, the shop manager, thinks he’ll be leading a training seminar on good customer service. And why wouldn’t he, since he knows everything to know on the subject? Mark and his crew quickly discover the reason for the seminar when they are shown security camera footage of misguided (and hilarious) interaction with customers. Through the seminar, viewers learn three main steps to good customer service including:

• Listening to the customer
• Anticipating needs
• Admitting mistakes


Customer Service Basics Worksheet

"Intended for both high school and adult viewers, Customer Service Basics: Service with a Smile is an educational DVD offering a solid grounding in the basics of customer service. Employees of the fictional Lucky Star Coffee Company learn about customer service from Mark, the shop manager, in this lighthearted presentation slightly reminiscent of a situation comedy. Security cameras have captured well-intentioned employees making common customer service mistakes that everyone should watch out for! Topics covered include the importance of listening to the customer, anticipating their needs, and admitting mistakes honestly. An excellent primer of absolutely required skills for the demanding service market, Customer Service Basics is enthusiastically recommended for high school and public library collections. "
The Midwest Book Review, July 2011