Drink Water Die-Cut Decal Set

Item #: 906607

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Decorate your walls while promoting a healthy habit with the Drink Water Die-Cut Decal Set. The set features three promotional designs that promote drinking water, printed and die-cut on sticky, low-adhesive vinyl. The decals are perfect for displaying on smooth interior walls, painted drywall, glass, or metal. Each decal is repositionable up to 2-3 times before the adhesive backing loses tackiness. Perfect to display by a drinking fountain or hydration station!

The set includes three different drink water themed designs, including:
Drink Water Die-Cut Decal (#906604)
Hydration Station Die-Cut Decal (#906605)
Water First for Thirst Die-Cut Decal (906606)

Decals are approximately 20” x 15"


Die-Cut Decal Installation Instructions

I love the hydration decals! We’re trying to identify water stations in the hospital and I’d like to use the decals for this purpose.


Nilofer Couture, MPH, RD, LDN, CDE

Nutrition Dept. Manager

Cherokee Indian Hospital

Cherokee, NC