Food and Fitness Health Fair Kit

Item #: 822064

+Save when ordering these items together! This kit contains everything you need for a fun, easy, and successful health fair! Encourage and teach people of all ages to make healthy food and activity choices. This health fair kit includes posters and a banner to draw people in and a variety of take-aways - tear-off tablet handouts, tri-fold brochures, bookmarks and stickers. The kit includes enough materials for up to 200 people. Items included are:

1 50 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
1 50 Ways: Physical Activity
1 Handy Portions
1 Energy Balance Snacks
1 Tabletop Poster Display
          HANDOUTS (50 copies/set)
2 Sets 50 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
2 Sets 50 Ways: Physical Activity
2 Sets Handy Portions
2 Sets Sugar Shockers
1 Set Breakfast Basics
1 Set Eating Well with MyPlate
1 Set Read Food Labels
1 Set Shake the Salt Habit
1 Four Pocket Brochure Holder
          STICKERS (200/roll)
1 Roll Foodscapes™
1 Roll Physical Activity

1 MyPlate Real Plate
BOOKMARKS (100/pk)
1 Pack 54321+8
1 Pack MyPlate Portion Size
1 Sugar Shockers Vinyl Banner w/ Stand
1 Drink Water Vinyl Banner


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