Foodscapes® Stickers Set of 3

Item #: 822039

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Three rolls of 200 stickers, 2" diameter.  600 stickers in all and 12 different designs.

Promote nutrition and healthy eating with this set of stickers! Contains three rolls of colorful and creative food art stickers. Characters featured:

• Pear Moose
• Potato Beaver
• Kiwi Monkey
• Mr. Potato Head
• Potato Dog
• Yellow Pepper Bull
• Eggplant Penguin
• Fruity Toucan
• Chili Octopus
• Squash Soccer Player
• Banana Football Team
• Skateboarding Beet

The Foodscapes® stickers are great incentives or prizes. They are also a perfect Nutrition Education Reinforcement Item (NERI).