From Sports to Career DVD

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Run time: 22 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult

Closed Captioned

Teamwork, reliability, cooperation, endurance: habits athletes learn from sports are the very attributes employers want. Personal stories from current and former athletes show how their skills from sports are valued in the workplace and school. From soccer, football, rowing, and hockey, a variety of sports and careers are represented in this enlightening look into the benefits athletes bring to the workplace.

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From Sports to Career Video Worksheet

"..Whether currently or formerly involved in athletics, viewers will benefit from learning ways to pinpoint and develop specific habits and qualities that will make them an asset to any employer...Creative editing and an excellent variety of authentic voices--from a high school varsity senior, to various executives, to an NFL player--make this program an inspiring choice." ★★★
--Video Librarian March/April 2012