Fruit and Vegetable of the Month Super Bulletin Board Kit

Item #: 910131

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Sized to fit a 3’ x 4’ bulletin board (not included)

This super bulletin board kit comes with a combination of printed and laminated bulletin board pieces including title pieces, header cards, and featured fruits and vegetables, as well as a companion CD with over 500 different pieces you can print yourself, including:

• Customizable menu templates for each month
• Tasty and easy fruit and vegetable recipes from Chef Marshall O’Brien
• Trivia cards with interesting fruit and veggie facts
• Information sheets with nutrition tips, historical facts, and more

Feature a monthly fruit and vegetable with this versatile and customizable bulletin board kit. The Fruit and Vegetable of the Month Super Bulletin Board Kit prominently features recipes from Chef Marshall O’Brien, a Minnesota-based chef with unbridled passion for educating people of all ages about the importance of cooking and eating healthy foods.

Thirty total common, budget-friendly fruits and vegetables are featured and information is presented at two different audience levels (elementary and secondary) for versatility to span a wide range of use.

Click here for kit overview and instructions.