Fruit & Vegetables: Color Power DVD

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Run time: 23 minutes
Audience: Grade 6 - Adult

Closed Captioned

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, more is better. Fruits and veggies are filled with a host of health-promoting benefits, but often times we fall short on our daily servings. How can we get ourselves to eat and enjoy more fruits and veggies? Join food and health professionals in Fruit and Vegetables: Color Power to discover the power of fruits and vegetables in short segments that discuss:

• The importance of eating fruits and vegetables
• Daily requirements and what counts as a serving
• Ways to encourage eating more fruits and vegetables
• Selection and basic preparation methods



Color Power Worksheet

"…An educational DVD for all ages, Fruit & Vegetables: Color Power teaches viewers about the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables. Divided into brief segments suitable for homeroom viewing, Fruits and Vegetables emphasizes the importance of good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. The DVD tracks are "Why eat fruit and vegetables" (7:13), "How much do I need?" (3:55), "How can I eat more?" (6:37) and "How do I select?" (5:34). Highly recommended, especially for school and public library DVD collections."
--The Midwest Book Review, April 2014

"...Aimed at teens, Color Power focuses on the benefits of fruits and vegetables, offering solid dietary advice and information about the properties of whole foods. Addressing four questions-Why eat fruit and vegetables?" "How much do I need?" "How can I eat more?" and "How do I select?"-the program serves up a wide range of practical guidance, from easy tips on how to incorporate new kinds of produce into a regular diet, to the reasons why consuming large quantities of these foods is essential for good health. Interviews with dieticians and independent growers alternate with footage shot in farmers markets, as well as scenes of food preparation. The dieticians discuss the importance of eating plants of various colors due to their different nutrients, and they encourage diversity in eating because it's fun as well as beneficial. Offering compelling arguments, this should help encourage healthy dietary habits. Recommended."
--Video Librarian, Sept/Oct 2014